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Incense Sticks Nag Champa "Agarbatti"

Incense Sticks Nag Champa "Agarbatti"

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The Indian Agarbatti means something like "prayer sticks". The developing, aromatic smoke naturally cleanses and disinfects the environment and has an invigorating, invigorating effect. The scent is rather lovely-floral and is well suited for prayers and meditations.

Satya incense sticks are made from 100% natural ingredients and are handmade. Without animal and toxic additives.

Content: approx. 15 g (approx. 12 sticks)
Length of each stick: approx. 24 cm
Burning time per stick: approx. 45 min.
Manufacturer: Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (BNG) LLP, India

Packaging made from recyclable paper!

Warning: this is a handmade product. The delivered item may differ in shape, color and quality from the product in the picture!

Safety note: Only use the product as a room fragrance! Do not ingest or inhale! Do not leave the fire unattended and ventilate rooms regularly! Keep away from children and animals! Fragrance oils or additives can sometimes cause allergic reactions.

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