Healing stones are gems or crystals used in the field of energy work for their healing properties. They can be used in different ways depending on the needs and preferences of the person using them.

We have summarized the basic steps on how to use healing stones for you:

Choosing the right healing stone

Choose the healing stone that best suits your needs. Each healing stone has certain properties and effects. For example, the amethyst is often used to relieve stress, rose quartz for love and harmony, and rock crystal for clarity and energy. You can find out about the various properties of common healing stones in our encyclopedia of healing stones in order to choose the right stone for your needs.

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Purification of the healing stone

Before using your healing stone, you should clean it to remove any possible negative energies. There are several methods of cleaning healing stones, such as soaking them in water, sprinkling them with energetic water, or wrapping them in salt or rice. Choose the method that suits you best and is most suitable for the stone in question, and clean your healing stone thoroughly and regularly.

Programming/charging the healing stone

After purification, you can program your healing stone by clearly stating your intention or goal for using the stone in your mind and directing that energy into the stone. You can also hold the stone and repeat positive affirmations to charge it with your intention.

Many healing stones can easily be energetically charged by leaving them in the sun or moonlight for several hours. Please note that direct sunlight may cause some stones to fade over time.

Carrying the Healing Stone

You can carry the healing stone with you to benefit from its supposed healing properties. Stone is best suited as a piece of jewelry, for example as a pendant on a chain, as a bracelet or as a ring. Alternatively, you can keep a tumbled stone or tumble stone in your pocket or near you, such as in your purse or under your pillow. It has been proven to wear some stones directly on the skin to unlock their healing abilities.

Use of the healing stone in meditation or energy work

Healing stones can also be used in meditation or energy work to enhance their healing properties. You can place the healing stone on your body or hold it in your hands while meditating or using energetic techniques and rituals to feel the energy of the stone and amplify its effects.

Healing stones are also helpful and important as decoration and accessories on your altar or ritual table to intensify the effect of the ritual.

Danger: The effectiveness of healing stones is neither scientifically proven nor medically recognized. All information on the effectiveness of the individual products is based on our own assessment and is at no time a substitute for medical or medical treatment!