Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable in your own four walls and sleep badly? Your children perceive something that is difficult to describe and maybe your pets are behaving strangely? Or do you have the feeling of being watched, although that is hardly possible?

Maybe you are dealing with alien energies or vibrations. That doesn't always have to mean something negative. Sometimes energies visit us to tell us something, for example when help is needed. Or they are just with us for a short time and then disappear by themselves.


Nevertheless, there are also "negative" energies around us. In most cases you will notice this immediately. A spontaneous feeling of extreme tiredness or even a headache when you enter a room are just some of the signs. Some people find it harder to breathe deeply, and in extreme cases plants will grow poorly or not at all in this space. Your pets will also let you know that something is wrong with their environment through erratic behavior.

An incense ritual can quickly remedy this. Incense rituals are ancient practices used in many cultures and spiritual traditions around the world, either to create a mystical and spiritual atmosphere or to expel negative energies.

For this purpose, the incense is carefully placed on glowing coals or in an incense bowl. We take a deep breath, close our eyes and feel ourselves connecting with the fine particles of smoke and immersing ourselves in another dimension.

The energy of the smoke has a calming and cleansing effect. It envelops us like a delicate veil that opens the mind and expands the senses. Thoughts become clearer, perception sharper and the senses more sensitive to the subtle vibrations of the spiritual world.

“..the darkness envelops the room in a mysterious veil, while the light from the candle flames flickers and casts shadows on the walls. The scent of aromatic resins, herbs or exotic woods fills the air and moves through the room in gentle waves. The smoke rises and transforms into a dancing misty shape, swirling in the nooks and crannies of the room."

In the glow of the candlelight and in the mystical smoke, the connection to the spiritual world becomes more intense. The boundaries between the physical world and the spirit world melt and the presence of higher beings or spirit guides becomes noticeable.

As the incense ritual progresses, we can say prayers, mantras, or affirmations to send intention and messages to the spirit world. The smoke carries the words and the energy with it as it rises to the heights and disappears into the sky.

The incense ritual can also be used to clean rooms and objects. The smoke acts as a soul cleanser, removing impurities and clearing the spiritual atmosphere.

We end the ritual with gratitude and appreciation for the spiritual support and connection to the spirit world. We will be in a state of deep peace, clarity and harmony, the mystical energy of the ritual can hang in the air long after the incense is over.

Depending on the scope, smoking can take between 30 and 90 minutes. In special cases, a repetition may be necessary.

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