Carnelian is a different form of chalcedony, so it belongs to the quartz family.

Even the ancient Egyptians valued carnelian for its sometimes fiery red color and attributed it the "power to live". They believed so much in the powerful energy of this stone that they often gave the carnelian as a burial object to prepare the deceased for life after death.


The color of carnelian usually varies in different shades of red, brown and orange. A white to transparent crystalline structure often shimmers through.


Carnelian is at home in Central and Eastern Europe. However, there are also numerous occurrences around the world.


Because of its color, we know carnelian as a popular and widespread gemstone, but Hildegard von Bingen already counted carnelian as one of the most important healing stones because of its outstanding healing abilities and used it for headaches, colds and bleeding.


If you are not feeling well or are in a bad mood, carnelian will help you by improving your mood. It gives you joie de vivre, vitality and promotes togetherness and a sense of community. He supports you in finding solutions, mastering difficult situations and overcoming problems.

Carnelian is said to increase attraction to other people when worn close to the body.


Red Carnelian is the astrological birthstone of Taurus in the first Decan (April 21-30).

He promotes passion in all areas of the sensual Taurus, whether he actively implements his plans or in sexual terms.


At best, you should clean the carnelian under clear water once a month. You can recharge it in the sunlight by leaving it there for a while.

It is best to always carry the carnelian with you as a tumbled stone or pendant.

Attention: The effectiveness of healing stones is neither scientifically proven nor medically recognized. All information on the effectiveness of the individual products is based on our own assessment and is at no time a substitute for medical or medical treatment!