Frequency therapy is a mild therapy that works with the help of biophotons. It is one of the complementary medical procedures and is used for both physical and psychological complaints.

Frequency-specific microcurrent is sent to the damaged body region in a targeted manner in order to bring the vibration of the tissue to a higher level and thus start the healing process. The application is hardly noticeable and has no known side effects.

With the right frequencies, it is possible to direct the body's energy pathways (also called meridians) into the right channels, allowing specific body cells to naturally recover from damage.

We support you in analyzing the vibrational frequency of your body (or that of your pet) and mind in order to find out where unnatural and harmful vibrations occur. We will then balance these with the appropriate frequencies and bring your body back into harmony.

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A notice: we would like to point out that our counseling service in no way replaces a visit to a doctor or psychiatrist. If you suffer from a physical or serious mental illness, please consult a doctor or psychiatrist. We make no promises of healing, but are happy to support the treatment. If you are already being treated by a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or naturopath, do not interrupt this treatment without consultation!