Do you often feel listless, are you constantly drained or do you have the feeling that you are simply not making any headway in your life or in one area of ​​it? Or are you just curious and want to know what level your spiritual energy is at?

With the help of the aura analysis, we can scan the different energy levels of the aura and chakras, which give us indications of possible emotional, mental and energetic blockages and behavioral patterns, which we then resolve together.

With a quantum sensor, we send the necessary frequencies to a person, animal or thing to rebalance the chakras. Your energy field picks up these frequencies, reprograms old patterns and supports the process of spiritual healing. This can be done on-site or remotely. On a conscious level we support the process by strengthening new and positive beliefs.

Chakra Analysis

The first session lasts about an hour, in which we conduct and discuss the analysis and 3 to 5 harmonizations. You will then be sent your personal analysis report as a PDF document, so that you can read everything again and continue working yourself. If desired, further appointments for harmonization can then be arranged.

In addition to the aura analysis, specific analyzes - tailored to you - are also possible to find out which healing stones or Bach flowers are suitable to accelerate your development process.

Cost of the first session: €75.00
Each additional harmonization: €25.00

Feel free to contact us to arrange your appointment.

A notice: we would like to point out that our counseling service in no way replaces a visit to a doctor or psychiatrist. If you suffer from a physical or serious mental illness, please consult a doctor or psychiatrist. We make no promises of healing, but are happy to support the treatment. If you are already being treated by a doctor, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or naturopath, do not interrupt this treatment without consultation!